Craft show booth display take a lot of planning & creativity and trial & error.  When I started to doing craft shows my display was flat, everything was on the table.  When I was organizing 'Twas, a few of the ladies showed me how it was done!  You need props and some imagination!  Lighting also helps.  What I learned was that you have to catch the customers' interest and build up your display.  Building up your display is layering.  By doing this, it will give you more area to display your products.  I try do a dry run of  the display to see what it's like.   It does take some time to get what what you want but in the long run it is worth it.

Below are some inspirational photos of some booth displays at various craft shows.  I will be adding to this page so make sure you check it once in awhile.  Please also check us out on Crafty Affaire & Ginna  on Pinterest!