Sunday, November 06, 2011


Sherri Bachman is the lady behind Rustic Duck Farm and Love Nostalgic Whimsy
“My love of creating things out of other things borders on insanity...Seriously! I am absolutely addicted to thrift shops, garage sales, attics and basements. Other people may see worthless junk but I see everything as something. 

Hours upon hours are spent rummaging and salvaging, searching for that lost and forgotten thing (treasure to me) It has even protruded my dreams. Endless thrift shops and old homes full of curios, trinkets and vintage suitcases! My love!

I believe every thing I make sends a message that these things do not belong in the trash, they can be salvaged and upcycled, repurposed and reused! I wish to spread the idea of reusing and salvaging because it is one of the best things we can do to help save our planet from the constant raping of our unsustainable sources and man made earth hurting products.
Everything is handmade with love and devotion!

Rustic Duck Farm - Featuring unique gifts and home decor using anything Sherri can get her hands on. She loves "junking" and hope you like what she can create from "junk".

Nothing she creates is "perfect", however they are beautiful, simple, rustic, antiqued and full of character. Perfect for any home.

Love Nostalgic Whimsy -  Where you can find upcycled vintage suitcases.  Suitcases are reborn as CozyCargo© Suitcase Pet Beds and LuvableLuggage© Suitcase Tables! Also Jewelry cases for your wall out of vintage briefcases/suitcases and medicine cabinets! Its everything Vintage/antique suitcases! 

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