Friday, May 11, 2012

***CRAFTY SUPERSTAR - freebird trinkets***

Marnie Crozier - I have always loved making jewelry and handcrafts. I originally began making jewelry for myself and friends and freebird trinkets evolved out of a love of jewelry and a need to create. I work full time as a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher and love putting new pieces together in the evenings while my children are sleeping. Being self-taught and wanting more of a challenge, I took a silversmithing class couple of years ago. All my jewelry is sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones and the silver findings such as the circles and hoops, including the cuff bracelets and rings are handmade by me in my tiny garage "shop". I love making it and hope you enjoy it also. My number one policy is that I won't attempt to sell any piece that I wouldn't wear myself. 

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