Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey! We’re Cassie & Christine, two girls who are passionate about design and stationery. We are the owners and creators of I’ll Know It When I See It, a studio specializing in custom print design for weddings, and stationery with wit. After meeting in design school we realized that we were both two peas in the same design pod. We started with a blog but have now expanded to offering design services and selling stationery products. It’s what keeps us going and rolling out of bed each morning.
Did you know, I’ll Know It When I See It has been years in the making…
Cassie says: When I was in elementary school, I made my own birthday cards. In an effort to make them really professional, I asked the teacher’s assistant to laminate them for me. I even put a copyright symbol with my name on the back of each one! Fast forward 20 something years and here I am, still making cards but this time not just for my friends, but hopefully for your friends and family too.
Christine says: I love making things and working with my hands — so I started exploring print and 3D design outside of my full-time job. When I go shopping with friends, they gawk at shoes, but I gawk at shoe patterns AND colour. So by launching a line of greeting cards and design services, I hope to make you an avid lover of all things printed, patterned and pretty.
With that said, we hope you love our designs as much as we love making them!

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