Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Anna Vandas is a singer-songwriter, painter, dancer, a jewellery maker and an enjoyer of life.  She is one talented lady!
Chocolate Box Jewellery, created by artist Anna Vandas, features components of faceted stones in rich colours, unique matted-metals and rich, dark-chocolate wood. With splashes of vintage inspiration, this jewellery line also transforms forgotten buttons into elegant earrings and necklaces that catch the eye of the beholder. You’ll find clean lines alongside playful pairings. Finding your favourite item is just like opening up a special box of gourmet chocolates.
Artist Anna Vandas will sweep you away in moody, blustery skies, and idyllic waterside retreats with her dramatic acrylic landscape artwork. Bringing a vast yet quiet place right to you, she takes much of her inspiration from her travels in New Zealand, the UK, and her beloved home, British Columbia.

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