Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Studio
I’ll Know It When I See It is a design studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada specializing in custom print design for weddings and stationery with wit.
It began with two girls meeting in design school and realizing they were two peas in the same design pod. Aside from common design aesthetics, both also shared a similar cheeky sense of humor and occasional sarcastic point of view on everyday life. After lamenting about the lack of truly funny greeting cards they set out to create their own and trusted that there were others out there who, like them, didn’t want just “nice”.
When one of the girls got engaged, it also became clear that the vast collection of templated, cookie cutter invitations weren’t going to do. With so much emphasis on the uniqueness and personality of the bride and groom for all the other aspects of the wedding day, why settle for generic invitations? This first hand experience became the driving force behind creating custom invitations for all the other soon-to-be-marrieds looking for something better than typical.
It is their shared perspective on both design and life that is at the heart of every creation, whether it be a typographically driven wedding invite or a not so appropriate for the humorless birthday card. 
The Girls
“For me, this studio has been years in the making. In elementary school, I made my own birthday cards. In an effort to make them extra professional, I asked the teacher’s assistant to laminate them for me. I even put a copyright symbol with my name on the back of each one! Fast forward 20 something years I’m still making cards but this time not just for my friends, but hopefully for everyone else’s friends and family too.
As a grown up, it seems I’ve acquired a sense of humor that can appear insensitive or pessimistic. It’s not true! I’m just a realist and life is too short and too entertaining to take it so seriously. If we can’t laugh at our humanity, then what can we laugh at?
While humor is subjective, originality and good design are timeless and the world needs more of it. If my contributions to the greater design good comes in the form of humble wedding invitations then that’s what I’ll do!” — Cassie
“I love working with my hands — so I started exploring print and 3D design outside of my full-time job a few years back. When I go shopping with friends, they stare at shoes, but I stare at shoe patterns AND colour. And when I realized that, I knew design was my calling.
It’s rewarding to make people excited about something they don’t have a passion for. I mean, who’s passionate about greeting cards and wedding invites anyway? But to design something that makes them laugh, think, or feel good, means we’ve done our job in producing something memorable.”
— Christine

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