Thursday, May 24, 2012


"I use mostly precious metals such as sterling silver, gold fill, sterling fill, and sterling plated. Most of my jewelry combines precious metal with Swarovski Crystal or semi precious gemstones. I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings using these materials. Price range - $20 to $100
I also make hand poured resin jewelry and pendants. I can shrink most images and add them to a sterling silver recessed jewelry tray and add resin. Price range - $5 to $25
I make Swarovski Crystal embellished 100% all rubber Brazilian flip flops in adult and infant/ toddler/children sizes. price range - $35 to $105 per pair.
I have always loved sparkly things. When I was 8 I earned myself the nickname "the crow" for my crazy ability to spot something sparkling from yards away! I always raced home after a trip to the dentist with my "loot"....a cheap costume ring with a fantastic, glittery crystal...just so that I could pry the crystal out of the setting and add it to my velvet treasure pouch. My love for sparkly things has not diminished, if anything, it's getting stronger! I love designing and creating jewelry and could easily bury myself in my studio for days at a time if everyday life didn't get in the way! Right now I am happily spending part time hours engaging my passion...but my goal for this year is to complete the certification to become a Certified Gemologist"
Kathryn Rorke

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