Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dione (DEE-OWN) Costanzo is an emerging Chocolatier who is bringing delicious handmade and gourmet chocolates to the White Rock/Crescent Beach area. 

Dione is passionate about chocolate and produces small batch, hand crafted chocolates and truffles using the finest Belgian chocolate and fresh, local ingredients as much as possible. Her chocolates are produced in a local commercial kitchen and sold online and through select retail locations. 

Favourites from Dione’s signature line are her “Crescent Beach Truffles”, smooth caramel with sea salt rolled in dark Belgian chocolate and her Lemon Coconut Truffles. The bold flavours of fresh lemon with milk and dark chocolate wrapped in toasted coconut are a favourite.

Dione makes delicious hand crafted barks using unique and delicious flavour combinations such as milk chocolate with crystallized ginger or white chocolate with organic BC cranberries. 

Dione packages her chocolates in beautiful boxes with ribbon as gifts for special events and occasions such as weddings, birthdays and showers. Dione has created custom chocolates for special events using unique flavors for the occasion. Wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven and Dione pairs her specialty chocolates with wine at retail locations and special events. 

Dione is very active in the local and provincial autism community, and donates a portion of her sales to organizations that provide support and education for families dealing with autism.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paper Pom Poms Decorations

Spent part of Sunday afternoon making paper pom poms decorations for 
the Spring Market!
I think I need some green ones.
What do you think?

Friday, May 25, 2012


Inspired by a pup’s curiosity, Lola the bulldog took to the closet late one night in search of the perfect accessory. Lola cut her designer teeth, so the saying goes, on a fine leather belt which with a little help became her new collar. And Lolalicious was born.
Lolalicious Design celebrates pets’ personalities with style. We make unique, hand crafted collars and leashes from recycled wares.
Because every pet is an individual.
Based in Vancouver, B.C., Lolalicious Design is the work of Tanya Southcott, Ivan Ilic, and their English Bulldog Lola. Dedicated to creating unique custom items for your pet we have searched thrift shops across Canada for quality belts and accessories to repurpose. First we upgrade to durable, pet friendly hardware and then we size the items to fit a range of pets. Each item is a custom design.
We welcome custom orders. Our goal is to make the perfect fit for your pet.
Besides our online store, you can find Lolalicious Design at make-it! Vancouver and The Window Community Art Shop (

Thursday, May 24, 2012


"I use mostly precious metals such as sterling silver, gold fill, sterling fill, and sterling plated. Most of my jewelry combines precious metal with Swarovski Crystal or semi precious gemstones. I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings using these materials. Price range - $20 to $100
I also make hand poured resin jewelry and pendants. I can shrink most images and add them to a sterling silver recessed jewelry tray and add resin. Price range - $5 to $25
I make Swarovski Crystal embellished 100% all rubber Brazilian flip flops in adult and infant/ toddler/children sizes. price range - $35 to $105 per pair.
I have always loved sparkly things. When I was 8 I earned myself the nickname "the crow" for my crazy ability to spot something sparkling from yards away! I always raced home after a trip to the dentist with my "loot"....a cheap costume ring with a fantastic, glittery crystal...just so that I could pry the crystal out of the setting and add it to my velvet treasure pouch. My love for sparkly things has not diminished, if anything, it's getting stronger! I love designing and creating jewelry and could easily bury myself in my studio for days at a time if everyday life didn't get in the way! Right now I am happily spending part time hours engaging my passion...but my goal for this year is to complete the certification to become a Certified Gemologist"
Kathryn Rorke


The Studio
I’ll Know It When I See It is a design studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada specializing in custom print design for weddings and stationery with wit.
It began with two girls meeting in design school and realizing they were two peas in the same design pod. Aside from common design aesthetics, both also shared a similar cheeky sense of humor and occasional sarcastic point of view on everyday life. After lamenting about the lack of truly funny greeting cards they set out to create their own and trusted that there were others out there who, like them, didn’t want just “nice”.
When one of the girls got engaged, it also became clear that the vast collection of templated, cookie cutter invitations weren’t going to do. With so much emphasis on the uniqueness and personality of the bride and groom for all the other aspects of the wedding day, why settle for generic invitations? This first hand experience became the driving force behind creating custom invitations for all the other soon-to-be-marrieds looking for something better than typical.
It is their shared perspective on both design and life that is at the heart of every creation, whether it be a typographically driven wedding invite or a not so appropriate for the humorless birthday card. 
The Girls
“For me, this studio has been years in the making. In elementary school, I made my own birthday cards. In an effort to make them extra professional, I asked the teacher’s assistant to laminate them for me. I even put a copyright symbol with my name on the back of each one! Fast forward 20 something years I’m still making cards but this time not just for my friends, but hopefully for everyone else’s friends and family too.
As a grown up, it seems I’ve acquired a sense of humor that can appear insensitive or pessimistic. It’s not true! I’m just a realist and life is too short and too entertaining to take it so seriously. If we can’t laugh at our humanity, then what can we laugh at?
While humor is subjective, originality and good design are timeless and the world needs more of it. If my contributions to the greater design good comes in the form of humble wedding invitations then that’s what I’ll do!” — Cassie
“I love working with my hands — so I started exploring print and 3D design outside of my full-time job a few years back. When I go shopping with friends, they stare at shoes, but I stare at shoe patterns AND colour. And when I realized that, I knew design was my calling.
It’s rewarding to make people excited about something they don’t have a passion for. I mean, who’s passionate about greeting cards and wedding invites anyway? But to design something that makes them laugh, think, or feel good, means we’ve done our job in producing something memorable.”
— Christine

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Uli has been creating things with her hands all her life. She started designing and creating jewelry when her older daughter was about 4 years old and was interested in playing with some beads. Uli started playing with those beads as well and soon got hooked. About six years ago, she purchased her first chainmaille kit just to experiment and creating chainmaille grew from an interest into a passion. Aside from selling at local craft shows and art markets, she sells her items in her Etsy shop ( and enjoys meeting so many customers all across the world. When she's not creating jewelry, she tries to balance her time between being a Mom of two very busy young children, a busy work schedule, playing in her sewing room, with knitting needles in hand or spinning yarn at her spinning wheel. You can find her Facebook page at: On Twitter as mommyknits or at her web site at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Judy Vander Zwaag has been felting for over eight years.  She loves giving new life to discarded and unwanted materials and being part of the recycle movement.


Katelyn Anderson - "In making this jewelry I recycle antique sterling silver cutlery. Each piece is completely unique, handmade one at a time. The variety ranges from dinner forks smoothly curled around semi-precious stones made into pendants and bracelets to more simple designes of demitasse spoons flattened and shaped into rings. The original pattern of the cutlery is always showcased and always makes for a stunning, one of a kind piece of jewelry. The price of these pieces ranges anywhere from $40 to $135."

Monday, May 21, 2012


"Very nourishing, smooth lotion that softens your hands with our exceptionally rich hand lube that is packed with plenty of hand loving shea butter and almond oil!!!
Never Greasy...Always Nourshing!!!!!
This hand cream that is very rich.  A small amount is all that you need to soften the very driest hands."



Puntos & Stitches - just stitched stuff for you!
100% locally made products that are meant to be useful; but at the same time unique.
Small and yet thoughtful accessories that will make the perfect detail that you need as a present for that special someone, or just to use everyday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Xoxo started with pure love for sparkles, fluff and creativity... 
"XoXo Couture offers brides and babes, a one stop shop for fun and fancy
accessories! At XoXo Couture we specialize in customizing your 
headpiece or fascinator to match that special dress or outfit you have chosen! 
All orders are custom made pieces of art that bring smiles to the faces of each bride or babe who wears them. Xoxo Couture uses the softest tulle and quality supplies to hand craft pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Each order is made perfectly for you so you sparkle just right for your special day! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


We are two sisters who love everything vintage, crafty, and most importantly, one of a kind. We love to travel the Lower Mainland searching for vintage pieces, restoring them with a distinct, romantic style that adds a nostalgic charm to any home. Our main focus is upcycling old frames into jewelry and picture display boards, as well as other framed items to decorate with. We feature beautifully refinished frames that can be used in many creative ways, as well as many other vintage inspirations that we’ve created to decorate and organize any space!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Marian + Hazel
Marian + Hazel is an expanding collection of jewellery and visual art that is both modern and refined. Each piece is created using non-traditional and/or recycled materials employing shapes and textures inspired by nature and technology alike. Designed and handmade with care by Amanda Parker in her small studio, each item is entirely unique.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Pretty in Pink Accessories
"Our crochet hats are creatively handmade in trendy styles and colours, for boys, girls and women. Sizes range from infant to adult. A must have accessory for the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons."

Cute hats for all the cuties in your life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Anne Fleet is the talented lady behind Anniebuttons. 
"Anniebuttons is a collection of handmade jewellery and accessories made by yours truly. Each piece is a unique blend of both new and vintage buttons, with some buttons dating back to the 1920's!

"As a new"ish" designer, I am constantly inspired by all things around me. Working with buttons gives me an infinite array of shapes, sizes, shades and textures to blend into one-of-a-kind pieces. Sorting through literally thousands of buttons, I carefully select each button and it's place in every piece I offer. With some buttons dating back almost a century, I can't help but wonder sometimes whose buttons we're wearing! "

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Kawaii Eats is a new vendor specializing in Japanese themed macarons and pastries. Each macaron is hand decorated with Japanese motifs or cute characters and the flavours are a fusion of both Asian and Western to provide a refreshing take on French specialties.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Make Stuff

"I make stuff! Chances are you make stuff too! Whether it's a craft, lunch, or even your bed you can wear this button with pride!"

Bethany's (The Orange Circle) pin/magnet "I Make Stuff" was tweeted today by Etsy Canada and posted on their Facebook page.  
Bethany thought it was "Pretty cool!"
We thought so too, so all our Crafty Superstars will get a pin on Market Day!


Silver Trumpet is a nature and vintage inspired jewelry line made by Andrea Halvorsen. It consists of one of a kind charm bracelets and necklaces, classic cameos, earrings, and handmade photo jewelry. Silver trumpet has a Victorian feel and caters to the feminine, whimsical and romantic in all of us!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tracey Tomtene grew up and has lived in various parts of Western Canada and has also made temporary homes abroad in the UK and New Zealand. Although she studied business in university, it was a black and white darkroom photography course that would reveal her craft.
She has photographed various destinations across Europe, SE Asia, North America and the South Pacific. She has participated in group exhibitions in Canada, NZ and the US, and most recently, solo exhibitions in Edmonton, AB and Whangarei, NZ.
The slide show, 'Tidal' from Rockaway Beach, NY was exhibited at David Alan Harvey's 'At Home' Workshop, Brooklyn, NY and'Carousel Slide Slam' at Host Gallery, London, UK. 

Magazine publications include GeistSignature and Verge (Canada) and The Bud (Indonesia). Online publications include Burn Magazine (US), China Visual and Padmag (China).

'I believe that there is art in every living moment even those that appear prosaic or mundane. I never cease to be amazed by the honesty of the human spirit, spontaneous moments balanced by a quiet affinity and the profundity to be found in even the most fleeting, everyday occurrence. To me, it is all iconic and extraordinary, worth capturing and immortalizing.'

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Laura Chi is the artist and owner of StudioChi.

Laura is a local Richmond BC artist and the owner of StudioChi. Originally from Taiwan, Laura grew up in a progressive family of artists and the diverse art culture of Taiwan. 
A talented and original artist, Laura has received multiple certifications and accreditations in sketching, watercolor, paper machete, acrylic, Chinese ink painting, oil painting painting and molding clay.

Laura became an art instructor at the age of 18 and has enjoyed teaching art to students ever since. In addition to teaching, she ran her own studio in Taiwan for 8 years, where she employed 4 other teachers and had more than 120 students at anytime. 

By the age of 20, Laura became a certified Bob Ross oil technique instructor of landscapes and Floral paintings. In addition to teaching the Bob Ross style, Laura was an ambassador and translator instructor for Bob Ross international instructors visiting Taiwan. In the same year, Laura received a Susan Scheewe certificate of acrylic painting and a certificate from Korean clay association in paper clay. 

In 2004, Laura decided to go on an adventure with the hope of elevating her art to next level. Laura graduated from The Institute of Vancouver, specializing in Graphic Design in 2007.

Laura never stops creating and making arts; she is full of possibilities and passionate to create the most unique artwork out there, and she can’t wait to introduce her work to you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

***CRAFTY SUPERSTAR - freebird trinkets***

Marnie Crozier - I have always loved making jewelry and handcrafts. I originally began making jewelry for myself and friends and freebird trinkets evolved out of a love of jewelry and a need to create. I work full time as a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher and love putting new pieces together in the evenings while my children are sleeping. Being self-taught and wanting more of a challenge, I took a silversmithing class couple of years ago. All my jewelry is sterling silver with semi-precious and precious stones and the silver findings such as the circles and hoops, including the cuff bracelets and rings are handmade by me in my tiny garage "shop". I love making it and hope you enjoy it also. My number one policy is that I won't attempt to sell any piece that I wouldn't wear myself. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Gerry-Gail “GG” Endean is a Fashion and Costuming professional who translated her experience & passion into “creampuff by gg” with her signature product, creampuffs – girlie boxer shorts. Her background includes 20 years in merchandising, management & buying for major department stores; 10 years as a Costumer & Designer in the Vancouver Film & TV Industry. Her award-winning designs have been featured on stage, in costumed theme-parks, print, TV and documentaries. 
As an artist and innovator GG is committed to instilling confidence and inspiration to her audience. As an authority on costume and colour psychology, pop culture, history & textiles her presentations brings perspective and insight into the worlds of Fashion and Costume; merchandising & branding for small businesses.
Gerry-Gail lives in North Vancouver with her husband Marcus, a film & TV storyboard artist & illustrator and Kevin the rescue budgie. She is a recovering fabriholic. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Anna Vandas is a singer-songwriter, painter, dancer, a jewellery maker and an enjoyer of life.  She is one talented lady!
Chocolate Box Jewellery, created by artist Anna Vandas, features components of faceted stones in rich colours, unique matted-metals and rich, dark-chocolate wood. With splashes of vintage inspiration, this jewellery line also transforms forgotten buttons into elegant earrings and necklaces that catch the eye of the beholder. You’ll find clean lines alongside playful pairings. Finding your favourite item is just like opening up a special box of gourmet chocolates.
Artist Anna Vandas will sweep you away in moody, blustery skies, and idyllic waterside retreats with her dramatic acrylic landscape artwork. Bringing a vast yet quiet place right to you, she takes much of her inspiration from her travels in New Zealand, the UK, and her beloved home, British Columbia.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


My Name is Chandra Micom. I’m 32 years old. First and foremost, I’m a mom of a beautiful and special 2 year old son named Griffin. I'm married to a wonderful Belgian man named Jorian ... He is a wonderful support to me and my work. I haven't been sewing very long. It’s been about 2 years. But I always knew I would love it once I got over my fear of the unknown...the sewing machine!! I have been sewing quilts by hand for the past few years, but never tackled anything else because I only could sew a straight line. Then my mother in law came for a visit from Belgium and she is a professional seamstress. She showed me the ins and outs of a sewing machine and my fears were diminished. Ever since then I'’m on my machine every spare minute I can find. I have always loved working with my hands and creating something. I’ve been ‘crafty’ ever since I was little. I loved to color, paint, arrange dry flowers (remember that?!), photography and scrapbooking. Some of these things I still do. But sewing has taken over...something about the hum of the sewing machine that just sets me at ease. The best thing though is the items that I create are for someone to use, keeping babies warm, to help moms feel stylish and help their little ones do the same. So far I’ve only sold my items to friends and family, on Etsy and at a few local small markets.I continue to focus on these small markets as I love the atmosphere and clientele. Hope to see you all soon at the upcoming Crafty Affaire. 

Sunday, May 06, 2012


The Orange Circle
The Orange Circle features super strong magnets with great patterns and designs, interchangeable magnet necklaces, notecards, and occasionally other stuff too all handmade by Bethany Klassen!

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Sage Leaf Studio specializes in modern hand-made accessories. We have one-of-a-kind hair accessories made out of high-quality fabric and felt, fabric button cover earrings, toddler belts and a limited collection of decor items. We also have peek & chic nursing covers which are essential for any momma. We strive to be unique and truly chic. Sage Leaf Studio is available online at, and we also have a Facebook fan page where you can get sneak peeks on new designs: .